Smiths Grove, Kentucky
Friday, October 24, 2014
 Last update:  October 22, 2014 

Below are the names on Monuments in the Smiths Grove Cemetery.  

The photos are for information on names and dates instead of capturing the beauty or characteristics of the monuments.

The Listing Criteria are:  

the Last Name followed by a comma
then the other name or names on the monument
if the monument has more than one person's name the Listing Criteria will be
the Last Name followed by a comma
then the other names moving from the left side of the monument to the right side.
The names are in alphabetical order by last name.  Please select any of the names below and click on the name to see the monument.
Additionally, at the end of the normal listing is an alphabetical list of names on MILITARY markers.

Adair, John Burney

Adams, Elizabeth Allen

Alexander, Cleo Lendol & Euel Dorsey

Alexander, Elizabeth B. & Joseph H.

Alexander, Emeline

Alexander, James F. & Virgie E.

Alexander, Jerene C. & Waller Beck

Alexander, John J.

Alexander, Katharine W.

Alexander, Martha Jane dau of R. D. & Mary K.

Alexander, Mary K.

Alexander, Nancy E.

Alexander, R. Dabney

Allen, Infant Son of Thos & Elizabeth (2)

Allen, Infant son of Thos & Elizabeth

Allen, James C.

Allen, James R.

Allen, Jas T. & Mary

Allen, Jessie P.

Allen, John

Allen, Kate daughter of Thos. & Elizabeth

Allen, Kate E.

Allen, Lillie Daughter of Thos & Elizabeth

Allen, Lizzie C.

Allen, Lizzie Tom daughter of Thos & Elizabeth

Allen, Lucy B.

Allen, Lucy V.

Allen, M. Frances

Allen, Mabel Crump

Allen, Mabel E.

Allen, Marcuerite & Marchall

Allen, Mary E.

Allen, Mary

Allen, Nannie Cole

Allen, Nat Curd

Allen, Owen Cole son of W Herschel & Nina O. - laid to rest in Mt. Holly NJ

Allen, R. B.

Allen, Riley H.

Allen, Robert Lee

Allen, Rosa Bell, dau of R.B. & L.E.

Allen, Sarah E.

Allen, Thomas Edwin & Lizzie Curd

Allen, Thomas Wilson

Allen, Thomas

Allen, W. Herschel & Nina Owens

Allen, W. R.

Allen, Willie & Infant

Altermatt, Dorothy Thomas

Amos, Alma Lee

Amos, B. F.

Amos, B. K. MD

Amos, Belle

Amos, Charles B.

Amos, Daniel C.

Amos, Daniel Carter Jr. & Sallie Jane Fry

Amos, Delia G.

Amos, Dr. Virginia Lee

Amos, Elizabeth Chenault

Amos, Emily dau of B.F. & E.

Amos, Emma M.

Amos, Frankie dau of B.F. & E.

Amos, H. M. son of B.F. & Emma

Amos, Helen G.

Amos, J. B.

Amos, John B.

Amos, Julian R.

Amos, Lillie S.

Amos, Martha

Amos, Nell B.

Amos, Nell O. dau of B.F. & E.

Amos, Ransome

Amos, Sarah K. wife of J.B. Amos

Anderson, C. Leland & Mary Jane

Anderson, Cpl. Luther M.

Anderson, Elizabeth M.

Anderson, Elmina W.

Anderson, G. Benton

Anderson, Geneva Henderson

Anderson, James Dwight

Anderson, Madge B.

Anderson, Reba O. & Willie K.

Anderson, Richard R. & Hattie H.

Anderson, Robert Lewis

Anderson, Sam R.

Angel, John C.

Atkins, O. D.

Atkins, Sally Cullins

Ayers, Sidney Finn & Regina Hill


Babbit, James E.

Bailey, Sallie

Baird, Charles & Jewell H.

Baird, Joyce Doyle & Harvey Hale

Baird, Willis & Elizabeth

Ballance, Elmer Pence

Bandy, Julia

Barner, Allen Brite

Barner, Harry

Barner, Minnie Burton

Barnett, Dorothy Russell

Barnett, Luther P. & Dorothy R.

Barrick, Earl Franklin

Barrick, Ford

Barrick, Glendal J. & Josie Sims

Barrick, I. W.

Barrick, Lera Cole

Barrick, Lucille Flora wife of Paul

Barrick, Martha Elizabeth

Barrick, Mary Katheryn

Barrick, Mary Palmer & G. R.

Barrick, Mattie Bowles

Barrick, Maxine East

Barrick, Paul Bryan

Barrick, Rodney Isaac

Barrick, Taylor (2)

Barrick, Taylor

Barrick, Wendell D.

Barrick, Wendell E.

Barrick, Woodrow Bowles

Basham, G. B.

Basham, LaVella E.

Basham, Nell Carter

Basham, Sandra Faye

Baumgarten, Eric Tyler

Beard, infant son of W.P. & Mary T. Beard

Beard, Mabel Kirby

Beard, Mary T.

Beard, Mayme Wooten

Beard, Richard Edgar

Beard, William L.

Beard, William P.

Beard, William Thomas

Beck, Dr. Charles Kirtley

Beck, Elizabeth Kirby

Beck, Eva Penick

Beck, John Otis

Beck, Mary Esther Kirtley

Beck, Tabitha A.

Beeler, Edgar

Beeler, Jennie Dyer

Bell, Mary E. & E. W.

Bennett, G. S.

Bennett, Luther

Benson, Deon & Mary H.

Benson, Sara Beth

Benton, Myrtle Cooke

Benton, Rev. J. B., D.D.

Bergen, Ruby M. & James S.

Bessette, Darrell R.

Bessette, Richard J. Sr. & Phyllis M.

Bessinger, Julianna Lovell

Bessinger, Roger Brown

Bevarly, William C.

Bewley, Ossie & Betty

Bibb, Kirby Crosland

Bibb, Mary Susan

Bibb, Richard Martin

Billingsley, Pearl C. & Lucile C.

Blakeman, Annie Belle

Blakeman, Earl Colder son of Roy & Ora

Blakeman, Ora Laura

Blakeman, Roy G.

Bland, Ernest

Bland, Nannie Cooke & Edward

Bledsoe, Elizabeth Davis

Blevins, Chris & Kelly

Blevins, Meritt & Rachel

Blewitt, Orville A. & Anna A.

Bohannon, Elvira

Bohannon, Julian Hendrick

Bohannon, Stella Hendrick

Bohannon, Thomas

Bohannon, William (2)

Bohannon, William Garnett

Bohannon, William

Booker, Albert

Booker, Annie Lee Hatcher &Cecil N.

Booker, Bobby Joe

Booker, Clarence Monroe

Booker, Jean S. & Harold G.

Booker, Lena Renfro

Booker, Maude Cowles

Borders, Patsy Ann

Borders, Andrew & Edna Earl

Borders, G. Winford & Lola J.

Borders, James Otis

Borders, Samuel Andrew

Borders, Sybil Trevelle & Fredrick Alvin

Borders, W. H. Arnold

Bottorff, Owen K.

Bowles, Aline Hatcher

Bowles, Charles David

Bowles, Dortha Williams

Bowles, Fred T.

Bowles, H. T.

Bowles, John David

Bowles, Josephine Gray wife of H.T.

Bowles, Lela Belle

Bowles, Susie Gray

Bowles, Sylvia

Boyd, Carolann Melton

Boyd, James H. & Virginia M.

Boyd, Jimmie M. & Peggy S.

Boyden, Lucile Kirby

Bradley, James & Sarah N.

Bratton, Genie Porter

Bratton, Joann H.

Breedlove, John W.

Britt, Emry C.

Britt, James C. & Jacqueline

Britt, Lottye M.

Britt, O. Murrel & Ernie L. T.

Britt, Paul Mitchel

Britt, Samuel 'Buddy'

Brittain, Sid & Etta

Bronaugh, C. B.

Brooks, Ernest E.

Brooks, Jacob C. & Minnie G.

Brooks, Sarah Moore wife of J. C.

Brooks, Willard

Brown, Arthur (brother), Christly T. (Husband) & Elsie H. (Wife)

Brown, Clarence H. & Stella & Jessie

Brown, G. M.

Brown, Gerald H. & Annie E.

Brown, Henry T. & Helen E.

Brown, J. Nell

Brown, Joseph M., Tannie R., Claire, J. Ray & Josie May

Brown, Lester W.

Brown, Roy Walton

Brownfield, L. Geneieve

Brunson, A. Elmore & Helen L.

Bryant, James & Rita

Bryant, John C.

Bryant, John M.

Bryant, L.G. & Mary B.

Bryant, Mildred & Rodney

Bryant, Rodney Dwayne

Bryant, Thelma C. & Tiney E.

Bryce, Eugene A. & Annemarie R.

Bryson, Ford Korff & Flora Duckett

Bryson, Marva Lee

Bunch, Bobby L. Jr. & Bobby L. Sr.

Bunch, Russell & Nellie

Burch, Luther B.

Burke, Belle Grimes

Burke, Dorothy M.

Burke, J. W.

Burks, Anna T. wife of Nathan Burks

Burks, Ellen Dickerson beloved wife of Nathan Burks

Burks, Nathan

Burks, Roy P. & Mae T.

Burks, Verna dau of Nathan & Ellen

Burnett, Don & Ermone

Burnett, Hazel & Aubrey

Burnette, Horace & Olevia

Burris, Veneta White

Burton, Robert F. & Mildred D.

Butler, Christina

Butler, Ella F.

Butler, Georgan R.

Butler, George W. & Annie R.

Butler, Henry Paul & Norma Mefford

Butler, James E. 'buried in Alhambra, Calif. erected by his loving wife, Mary'

Butler, Jimmy & Avon

Butler, Johnnie T.

Butler, Lee B. & Junius W.

Butler, Leslie Marvin & Irene L.

Butler, Luther M.

Butler, Maggie Stone

Butler, Marvin Dwayne & Irene

Butler, Minnie Dunn

Butler, Pearl P.

Butler, Peter H.

Butler, Sarah E.

Butler, W. M.

Butts, Dale & Macie I.

Bybee, Ailena

Bybee, Charles

Bybee, James M. & Gertie B.

Bybee, Maybell Carter & David Lee

Bybee, Nell Vaughn

Bybee, Thomas Brooks

Byrn, H. Scott


Cain, William & Dorothy

Cannon, Ella Lewis

Cannon, J. W.

Carnes, Elmer B.

Carnes, Lula Doss

Carter, C. A.

Carter, C.C. & L.E.

Carter, James B.

Carter, Kate

Carter, Melvin Bragg

Carter, Mollie

Carter, Nancy Ann & Betsey P.

Carter, Nathan

Carter, Nettie B. & Carl

Carter, O. B.

Carter, Oren

Carter, Pauline

Carter, Permelia C.

Carter, Virgil A. & Dora W.

Case, Irene Mitchell

Casey, Lena May & Bellie Lee children of S.L. & Fannie Part A

Casey, Lena May & Bellie Lee children of S.L. & Fannie Part B

Cassady, G. Teamon & Frances W.

Cassady, George Leon

Cassady, Getty Joe

Cassady, Jefferson W.

Cassady, Leroy & Ann

Cassady, Lloyd & Martha Hackney

Cassady, Mae Cowles

Cassady, Minerva J.

Cassady, Mary E. & Ezra

Cassady, Mordecai, Pauline & Larry E.

Cassady, P. A.

Cassady, P. Justin & Ronald D.

Cassady, Patrick & Marie P.

Cassady, Paul & Lola

Cassady, Peter A.

Cassady, Phillip & Wynelia

Cassady, Porter & Mary

Cassady, Teamon & Effie

Cayton, Gordon R. & V. Ruth

Chalmers, John W. son of A.S. & M.E.

Chaney, Wayne Thomas

Chatten, Florence

Cherry, James Robert

Cherry, Malinda & John

Chilton, Frances Page England

Christy, George & Lucinda

Christy, Mabel

Claypool, Charlie C.

Claypool, Edwin Tucker

Claypool, Hettie dau of C.C. & L.B.

Claypool, Lizzie B.

Claypool, W. Scott & Bettie Tucker

Clemmons, Hooti Nettie Melissa Isenberg Bohannon

Cliburn, Henry C.

Cogle, Amanda Jo Jewell

Cogle, Waldo P.

Cohren, Margie Wilcoxson

Cole, Carlton Goebel

Cole, Jeffrey Steven

Cole, Joseph L.

Cole, Kirk L & Audrey L.

Cole, Mabel Forrest & John Benjamen

Cole, Mannie E.

Cole, Mary E.

Cole, Myrtis West & Grover C.

Cole, Otis W.

Cole, Phoebe E. & George H.

Cole, Stephen D.

Cole, Willard D. & Mary Ann

Coleman, William Richard

Coles, Christopher Allan Son of Julie & Ricky

Collins, Anthony Brad

Collins, Floyd T. & Linda M.

Collins, Floyd

Compton, Leslie B. & Martha J. Easton

Compton, Lewis Edward

Compton, Sarah M. & B. Ruesau

Connell, Bertha B.

Conner, Geneva & Amos

Cook, R. C. & Nora

Cooke, Annie Belle, dau of W.H. & Estelle Cooke

Cooke, Ben. S.

Cooke, Bess Miller

Cooke, Billy M.

Cooke, Charles Winn

Cooke, Charley W. son of P. A. & M.J. Cooke

Cooke, Clara L. & Porter E.

Cooke, Darrell R.

Cooke, Dr. John F.

Cooke, Edd T. & Mary Walton

Cooke, Eddie M. & Wanda N.

Cooke, Edwin M. & Marie S.

Cooke, Elizabeth Wright, John Kirtley Sr. & Carrie Park Gossom

Cooke, Eloy H.

Cooke, Ernest Peyton

Cooke, Estelle L. Rizer

Cooke, Gilbert Curd

Cooke, I. Lee

Cooke, J.B.

Cooke, Jennie Hazelip

Cooke, Jessie K.

Cooke, John White

Cooke, Joseph Clifton 

Cooke, Lydia Amos

Cooke, Marshall Kirtley & Marilyn Francelle

Cooke, Mary E. wife of P.A.

Cooke, Mary E.

Cooke, Mary Reed

Cooke, Mattie J.

Cooke, Mildred White

Cooke, Peachie Kirtley & Sandy Peyton

Cooke, Peyton A.

Cooke, Richard L. & Sue R.

Cooke, Virginia & John W.

Cooke, Virginia Jane 2006

Cooke, Virginia Jane

Cooke, Eddie M. & Wanda N.

Cooke, William H.

Cooke, William Hazelip

Cooke, William W. & Zula C.

Cooper, John & Jewell

Coots, Patricia Ann

Cordell, Larry Alton & LaDonna

Cornwell, Louise dau of Will & Lou Cornwell

Couty, J. W. & Ona

Cowden, Rennie M.

Cowles, Albert Gentry

Cowles, Annie Howard wife of Forest

Cowles, Camilla Craig

Cowles, Charles Leon

Cowles, Christle F. & Vernie M.

Cowles, Edd & Lucille Dorsey

Cowles, Edmond C.

Cowles, Ernest E. & Marjorie D.

Cowles, Ethel dau of J.E. & M.A.

Cowles, Frances Ray

Cowles, Frank Ray

Cowles, Gertrude dau of Clint & Hettie

Cowles, Hallie Howard

Cowles, Henry J.

Cowles, Hughie V. & Christeen C.

Cowles, Hughie, Jr. & Nannie P.

Cowles, Infant son of J.P. & M.A.

Cowles, infants of Forest & Annie Cowles

Cowles, infants of Frank & Camilla

Cowles, John

Cowles, Joseph Pleasant & Martha Mitchell

Cowles, Mannie E.

Cowles, Martha J. (2)

Cowles, Martha J.

Cowles, Minerva J. & Joseph P.

Cowles, Nat Terry

Cowles, Otis W.

Cowles, Robert & Jean

Cowles, Sarah Margarete (Maggie)

Cowles, Susan G., dau of Julius Dunn & wife of John Cowles

Cowles, Walter A.

Cox, E. M.

Cox, Eugene & Mary H.

Cox, Frances & Eugene

Cox, Halie

Cox, Joe Allen

Cox, Lloyd D.

Cox, Nell

Cox, Richard T. & Manie H.

Cox, S. J. & M.

Crabtree, William S. & Thelma Joyce

Craig, Abbie M.

Craig, Ashton Ruben

Craig, Buford H.

Craig, Carl T.

Craig, Martha E. & George O.

Craig, Olive Wright

Craig, William A.

Crain, Bettie E. & Moses N.

Crain, David L.

Crain, Edna T.

Crain, Eli B.

Crain, infant son of D.L. & J.N. (2)

Crain, infant son of D.L. & J.N.

Crain, James Eli

Crain, Josephine N.

Crain, Judson S. son of D.L. & J.N.

Crain, Mary Jane

Crisp, Jay C.

Crisp, Judy Kaye Jacobs

Crisp, Laura Eaton

Crisp, Sarah Elizabeth

Cross, Bertie Walter

Cross, Brenda Joyce dau of Leroy & Texie

Cross, Edgar E.

Cross, Eva Mae Norvelle

Cross, Infant Dau of C.T. & Idell Cross

Cross, John Thomas

Cross, Laura Smith

Cross, Rev. Harry & Eileen

Cross, Terry S. & Barbara N.

Crowder, Florence Elizabeth

Crowder, William Clay

Crump, C. C.

Crump, Christine C.

Crump, Ella Hudson

Crump, Frank M.

Crump, Henry Embry

Crump, Jennie Hudson

Crump, Lula & Wm

Crump, Richard Thomas

Cullins, Bettie, Dau of J.C. & Mary

Cullins, Georgia

Cullins, Jennie E.

Cullins, Joe

Cullins, Mary E. & J. C.

Cullins, Nell G.

Curd, Benjamin Smith & Eddy Hunt sons of C.S. & M.A.

Curd, C. S.

Curd, Mary Alice wife of C.S.

Curd, Mary F.

Curtis, Edward Baby Son

Curtis, J. Byron

Curtis, Lottie E.

Curtis, Martha E.


Dauns, Robert Joseph & Eugenia

Davis, Annie W.

Davis, Buford & Frances L.

Davis, Catherine

Davis, Charles M.

Davis, Earl M.

Davis, Edwin H. Jr.

Davis, Edwin H.

Davis, Elizabeth Craig

Davis, Elizabeth wife of Wm Davis

Davis, Elmore Wood

Davis, Emma Belle & Benton M.

Davis, Ida B. dau of J.B. & B.M.

Davis, infant son of J.B. & S.A.

Davis, infant son of Thomas D. Jr. & Mineola D.

Davis, John T. (2)

Davis, John Thomas

Davis, L.E.

Davis, Lillie dau of J.B. & Sarah A.

Davis, Mary Catherine

Davis, Mary L.

Davis, Pattie son of T. D. & C. A.

Davis, Paul M.

Davis, Thomas D. & Georgia A.

Davis, Tommie

Davis, Virginia Cox

Davis, Virginia D.

Dean, John W. & Millie A.

Dean, John

Dean, Millie A.

Dean, Sophia wife of John W. Dean

Dean, T. H. son of J.W. & S.

DeMuth, Annie Belle Wallace & Grant Phillip

DeMuth, Edna D. & Wallace P.

DeMuth, Grant Phillip Sr.

Denton, Jewell & Bethel

Denton, Mary Elizabeth

Devery, Mae Floyd

Dial, Essie J.

Dial, Estill H.

Dial, Fred W.

Dial, Paul X.

Dick, Clifford B. & Mary L.

Dickson, Eleanore Dunn

Digus, John W.

Dillingham, Annia Mariah

Dillingham, Dell P. husband of Effie Whorton

Dillingham, Emily V.

Dillingham, Mary Elizabeth

Dillingham, Mary Susan

Dillingham, N. P. & Sarah

Dillingham, Payton Thomas & Susan Brunson

Dillingham, Robert

Dorsey, Bettie

Dorsey, Erwin

Dorsey, Ewing

Dorsey, Fannie Richards

Dorsey, George Crittenden & Elizabeth Butler Hall

Dorsey, Hattie Butler

Dorsey, James Minor & Nannie Motley

Dorsey, James William

Dorsey, Jerry T.

Dorsey, K. D.

Dorsey, Katie A.

Dorsey, Martha

Dorsey, Mary Alice

Dorsey, Maude

Dorsey, Nola wife of Wilton

Dorsey, Rose Monroe

Dorsey, Sidney

Dorsey, Theodore R.

Dorsey, Truman

Dorsey, Westerfield

Dorsey, William Yancey

Dorsey, Wilton

Doss, Anna Virginia

Doss, Emma Lucille S. & Charles William

Doss, G. W. & Elizabeth

Doss, Lee Hudson & Sterling D.

Dossey, Belle Honeycutt

Dossey, Irene

Dossey, J. B.

Dossey, J. C.

Dossey, Louise R.

Dossey, William Smith

Doty, George Taylor & Dora V.

Doty, Jessie Christine

Doty, Mary Elizabeth wife of J.L.

Doty, Richard Thomas

Doty, Thomas Trigg & Jennie Graham

Doughty, Angie Elizabeth infant dau of Carrie B. & Edward T.

Doughty, Carrie B. & Edward T.

Doughty, Daisy Huffman & Melvin

Doughty, James

Doughty, Jane

Doughty, John M. & Emma

Doughty, Mary A.

Doughty, Malcom

Doughty, Patsy Adam

Doughty, William Ruble & Ella B.

Douglas, Sally Wright

Downer, Jennie dau of J. P. & Jennie Downer

Downer, Jennie Kirby (2)

Downer, Jennie Kirby

Doyle, Charles A. & Marcia B.

Doyle, Homer Allen

Doyle, Nelda Elois

Doyle, Nellie Mae

Drake, Martha J. Allen & Marcellus Newton & Nancy Drake Eaton

Driver, Clifton F. & Jeanette Spinks

Druitt, Anna Downer Beck

Druitt, Catherine Mercer Fitch

Druitt, Charles Edward Hobart

Druitt, Charles Edward

Dubree, Jack

Duckett, Floyd Marshel

Duckett, Ida Flora & S. M.

Duffy, John Joseph

Duffy, Winnie Kirby

Duke, Archie Dean son of W.T. & Elizabeth

Duke, B. Oscar

Duke, Benjamin Oscar & Charles Whitlow

Duke, Buel C. & Hazel M.

Duke, Charles W.

Duke, Daisy E. dau of W. T. & Elizabeth

Duke, Delia & Hallie H.

Duke, Ernest Peyton

Duke, Mattie K. Alexander & Elizabeth Duke

Duke, Royal A. son of W.T. & Elizabeth

Duke, William T. & Elizabeth R.

Dunn, Anna G.

Dunn, Annie & Lewis

Dunn, Frank E.

Dunn, Hattie & Cecil

Dunn, Hoy B. & Oma

Dunn, Kenneth & Jewell C.

Dunn, Lessie

Dunn, Lucretia B.

Dunn, Margaret J.

Dunn, Marvin Jewell

Dunn, Mary & John

Dunn, Nettie Ann & Dabney

Dunn, Robert L. & Mary E.

Dunn, Sara E.

Dunn, Spencer & Rose

Dunn, William Thomas

Duvall, Clara & James V.

Duvall, Patricia Hurt


Eadens, Carolyn F. & Phillip B.

East, Beatrice & Wallace

East, Blanche L. & Charlie L.

East, Dennis

Easton, Elvis Wayne 'Pete'

Easton, Georgie C. son of Charlie & Nell

Easton, James & Harriet

Easton, Lottie B. & James T.

Easton, Nell W. & Charlie F.

Easton, Raymond T. & Dorothy H.

Easton, Sylvia M. & Julian L.

Easton, Zackeria K.

Eaton, Alwyn R.

Eaton, Claude W.

Eaton, N. T.

Eaton, Nancy Drake 

Eaton, Wesley D.

Edwards, Carter Young

Edwards, Eddie

Edwards, Eugene

Edwards, Lottie C. Perkins & W. P.

Edwards, Maggie May

Edwards, Massie L.

Edwards, Mollie & Lucinda

Edwards, Sarah Jane Davis

Edwards, Sarah Jane

Edwards, William Isaac

Elkins, Flount H. & Flossie L.

Elkins, Mary N. & Thomas J.

Elkins, Mike S. & Margaret R.

Ellis, Esther A. & John C.

Ellis, George Christopher

Ellis, Jesse A.

Ellis, John S.

Ellis, John T. & Hattie E.

Ellis, Minnie S.

Ellis, Nannie M.

Ellis, Sallie E.

Elrod, Patricia Kay

Elrod, Powell M. & Helon G.

Elrod, Samuel H. & Lola B.

Elrod, Wayne H. & Ora M.

Emmitt, Lisa Jean & Stricklin, Brittney Nicole

England, Courtney C.

English, Carrie Lee

English, Nellie E. & Elbert B.

English, Rich Ray

English, Stephen Wesley

Esters, Myrtle

Estes, Morgan O. & Hattie A.

Evans, Albert C. & Minnie C.

Evans, Charles H. 'Chuck' & Dolly Esparza

Evans, Deborah Jo

Evans, Harry Maxie & Lacey Luvary

Evans, Lucy M. & Samuel H.

Evans, Walker E. & Elizabeth M.

Evans, William Joe

Evans, William Nelson & Beatrice Howell

Ewing, Aileen

Ewing, Anna B.

Ewing, Berreroyal M.

Ewing, Boxley S.

Ewing, Carrie A. & Winston L.

Ewing, Charles Nathan

Ewing, Dr. Frank S.

Ewing, Dr. Geo. T.

Ewing, Dr. W. M.

Ewing, Edna Hurt

Ewing, infant Dau of B. G & Sallie E.

Ewing, James H. & M. Louisa

Ewing, John A.

Ewing, Kate Gatewood

Ewing, Lee M.

Ewing, Maude C.

Ewing, May F.

Ewing, Nathan Allen

Ewing, Pattie B.

Ewing, Porter Y. Jr.

Ewing, Porter Y. Sr.

Ewing, Sallie E.

Ewing, Sallie P.

Ewing, Sara T.

Ewing, Steven Thomas

Ewing, Thomas D.

Ezell, Cynthia L. Cooke


Falin, Betty Long

Falin, Esther Muench

Falin, Loranzer Geder Sr.

Falin, William Martin

Ferguson, Effie Reed

Ferguson, John Carl & Ruby Skaggs

Ferguson, Thomas C.

Fergusson, Sallie B. wife of E. G.

Fields, Terry L. & Donna Faye

Flahardy, Peggy Whittle

Flora, Brooks

Flora, Lucian Everette & Elizabeth Irene Bell

Flora, Rumsey & Nora Pardue

Flora, Susan Floyd

Flora, W. Thomas

Floyd, Amanda H.

Floyd, Anna Porter

Floyd, Christine Thomas

Floyd, Elsie

Floyd, Henry A.

Floyd, Louisa F.

Floyd, Marion Thomas

Floyd, Richard D.

Floyd, Richard Dudley Jr.

Floyd, Rosalie Creech

Floyd, William C. & Cora

Fogleman, Kate A.

Ford, Decatur John L.

Ford, Infant dau of John & Mariah Ford about 2 wks old

Ford, James

Ford, Joe W.

Ford, John

Ford, Lois W.

Ford, Maria wife of John Ford

Ford, Richard son of John & Maria

Ford, Sallie J. & J. Will

Foster, Sam B. & Mary S.

Franklin John G. & Sallie

Franklin, Eula Lee dau of J.G. & N.S.

Franklin, H. C.

Franklin, Mary A. dau of J.C. & N.

Franklin, Nancy S. Wife of John G.

Franklin, William M. & Hettie

Freeman, Annie E., daughter of A.E. & A.E.

French, Rachel Read

Fry, John & Eulah


Gaines, Gladys C.

Gaines, Loma Britt

Gaines, Oren G.

Gaines, Oscar W.

Gardner, Velma

Garman, Beatrice E.

Garman, Emily P.

Garman, Ethel O.

Garman, Floyd W.

Garman, George Calvin

Garman, infant of J.S. & Stella

Garman, J. Rowland

Garman, James R.

Garman, Jennings B.

Garman, Lorena G.

Garman, Mary S.

Garman, Robert T. & Marcella F.

Garman, Stella McGinnis

Garman, Virginia infant dau of Joe & Stella

Garman, Webb

Garrett, James Bradley (infant)

Garrison, Ivan E.

Gates, Maria

Gatewood, Annette

Gaylord, Crystal Ronk

Gibson, Dr. Byron C.

Gibson, Guy & Ruby J.

Gill, Fannie Christine Wooten

Glass, Louise Carter

Glass, Rondall

Glass, Roy B.

Glass, Susan M.

Glass, Wm Hugh

Glisson, Rebekah Jane

Godby, Anna Lee dau of J. & V.I.

Goode, H. A.

Goode, Lizzie E.

Goode, Mary E.

Goodnight, Horace & Hortense

Goodnight, Lois & Ray

Goodnight, Martha A. & Thomas B.

Goodnight, Nora A. & William J.

Gossom, Anis R. wife of Henry M.

Gossom, C. A. & Mary E.

Gossom, Charles Lewis

Gossom, E. Bland

Gossom, E. H.

Gossom, Edmund Tucker

Gossom, Estelle Bland

Gossom, Henry M. son of C.A. & M.E.

Gossom, Kate Martin

Gossom, Lizzie & R. M. (Buddy)

Gossom, Priscilla

Gossom, Sandy C.

Gossom, Sarah J.

Gossom, Thomas James son of S.A. & Eliza

Gossom, William David son of R.M. & L.

Gott, Hallie Ola

Graham, Buford & Rosa

Graham, Fleming & Elizabeth

Graham, Hettie J. & J. W.

Graham, Myrtle wife of Buford Graham

Graham, Nora

Graham, Sallie T. & Will T.

Gray, Elva wife of Godfrey Gray

Grayson, James A. & Lissie

Grayson, Nellie V.

Greathouse, Anna R.

Greathouse, Carolyn Brown

Greathouse, Nannie P. & Perry A.

Greathouse, Roy

Greathouse, Ruth & Lois

Greathouse, Sidney Buford & Shirley Vera

Greathouse, Virginia & Joseph Edgar

Green, Harry

Green, Sallie Crabb & Harry

Greene, Louise Allen

Greene, Robert D.

Greene, Robert Duval & Sara Elizabeth

Greenup, George Wallace Jr.

Greenup, Martha Sue

Hackney, Alice Parr H
azelip, William W. 
Jackson, Bobby M. & Edward W. (Edward has two stones)
Lucas, Howard Irwin
Majors, Sallie Skaggs
Morehead, H. S. & Mattie D.
Scrivener, Johnnie son of ID. & M.E.